Marketing Planning Session

Did you accomplish your Marketing Plan goals & objectives last year? Have you created your Marketing Plan for this year? It's never too soon to start planning! 

A written marketing plan is essential to positioning your Firm for success, particularly in today’s environment of challenging markets, scarce resources and increased competition. Yet nearly 40% of financial firms operate without one (according to our study Beyond The Collateral). And frankly, most that we’ve seen are little more than tactical “to-do lists.”

Now’s the Time to Consider a SwanDog Marketing Planning Session

With a SwanDog Marketing Planning Session, our seasoned group of financial marketing practitioners will guide you and your team through the process of developing your plan, building a dashboard and framing out your budget.

A Written Marketing Plan:

  • Provides direction and focus for the entire distribution effort
  • Helps validate your Firm’s investment in marketing
  • Builds the case for strategic budget investment
  • Provides a basis for success measurement
  • Helps your marketing team develop strategically

Don’t Wait for Your Budget!

Too often, marketers wait until they get “the budget call” before they start planning. A good budget should follow a plan, not the other way around. Summer presents the ideal time and environment to build your plans and lay the foundation for your budget proposal.

What a Turnkey SwanDog Marketing Planning Session Offers

  • A fast-paced, collaborative day (held onsite), filled with discussion and group work
  • A customized session to meet the unique attributes of your Firm
  • Your facilitator will have already done much of the “pre-work” so that all your Firm's strategic goals are targeted
  • An external perspective to challenge the status quo
  • Our proprietary, proven Marketing Plan Template that is easy to maintain throughout the year
  • An opportunity for marketing management to participate rather than facilitate
  • A critical final review and plan assessment upon your completion
  • 6-month touch base conference call (to make sure you are on track)

At the conclusion of your session you’ll have a framework of strategies and objectives for the year, marketing success measures and budget recommendations to aide you in your Fall planning process.