We are frequently asked, “Are the people who work at SwanDog consultants?” We prefer to think of ourselves as marketers who consult, rather than the other way around.

Our specialty is in business-to-business and intermediary marketing consulting. We serve only the asset and wealth management businesses because that’s where our passion lies and our experience resonates. Because we believe strongly that the right solution is the one that best fits with your firm culture, everything we do is customized. No one-size-fits-all approach here. Further, we believe that if nothing changes as a result of our involvement, you’ve just wasted your money—so we try to measure everything.

"SwanDog successfully helped our firm rethink our strategic approach to managing the numerous and highly duplicative product-driven roles across our organization. Dave came in with an innovative approach backed by best practices utilized both inside and outside the financial services industry.  With SwanDog's guidance and facilitation, we created a fully-integrated, channel-agnostic product organization, allowing us to effectively and consistently communicate and drive product creativity and innovation throughout our company."    

EVP, Marketing, Janus Capital Group

 While our consulting engagements run the gamut, they tend to fall into 1 of the following broad categories:

  • New Business or Market Entry Strategy & Execution
  • Strategic Marketing Planning including Digital Strategy Planning
  • Marketing Organization Development
  • Consensus Facilitation (what we call “controlled chaos”)

With our depth of experience in both marketing and senior management, we’re able to help advance even the most nuanced financial business issue toward an actionable marketing plan. And while we don’t create sales collateral, we are able to support you through our many partnerships, where you gain access to some of the best talent in the industry.

Has your marketing organization failed to keep pace with your growth? Trying to figure out how to turn 6 marketing plans into 1? Trying to get sales and marketing on the same page? Contact us for our perspective!